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Newton Gravity 6 Review

The Gravity VI is a durable and reliable shoe that won’t give in to the wear and tear that many other shoes are susceptible to. Compared to other popular models in the Newton range, such as the Fate II’s, Kismet

Reviewing Newton Fate II


The Newton Fate II’s are by far the best shoes I have tested under Newton. I feel like every time I have the opportunity to test Newton’s, I fall in love with them more and more, but the Fate II’s

Newton Terra Momentus Running Shoes Review

Newton Terra Momentus General Info From first glance, Newtons are a breed apart from other running shoes. The designs feature unique elements which purport to improve gait and movement — translating into better form and a more natural experience. The

Newton Energy NR Review

Newton Energy NR General Information The Energy NR is a brand-new addition to the Newton line and it offers Newton’s unique Action/Reaction™ technology in the forefoot outsole although the lugs have been reduced to accommodate new-to-Newton runners. The Action/Reaction™ technology

Newton Aha 2 Review

Having owned several pair of Newtons in the past, I was excited to review this spring’s edition of the Aha. The Aha hit the market in 2014 (along with a few other new installments to the brand’s line-up) as a

Newton MV2 Running Shoes Review

Newton Running, a Boulder, Colorado based company, has been creating shoes focused on natural running and low heel drops for the better part of five years creating a rabid following amongst runners and triathletes.  The idea of natural running is

Running Shoes Guru – Newton Gravity Review

Newton Gravity General Info The latest incarnation of the Newton Gravity seeks to accomplish two goals at once—promote midfoot striking while reducing bulk. For a brand that incorporates unique design features as the focal point of its manufacturing, the notion

Newton Motion Review

At Newton Running, they believe you were born to run. Literally. Therefore, their shoes are designed to actively support you, allowing you to rediscover and strengthen your natural running motion. How have they done this? Science and research. Their Action/Reaction

Newton Distance Elite Review

Newton Distance Elite General Information The Distance Elite is a brand-new addition to the Newton performance line and it combines the best features of MV3 and the popular Distance trainer. Of course, the shoes boast Newton’s unique Action/Reaction™ technology which

Newton Motion III Review

Newton Motion III General Information Newton has moved from a fringe brand to a major player in the running market over the last few years, appealing to both recreational and competitive runners alike. At the starting line of virtually any