ASOS ‘Sky Fit’ red mid-height heels

ASOS ‘Sky Fit’ red mid-height heels, £25

ASOS red mid-height heels

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Mid-height heels. CHUNKY mid-height heels.  I’m not sure if it’s the bright red upper (almost always a guaranteed winner for me), or the instep-revealing d’orsay side, but these shoes just WORK. I even like the vaguely cartoonish vibe they give off: they have a very fun, playful feel to them, and those aren’t words I’m used to applying to lower-than-average heels, so that has to be a good thing, right?They’re exactly the kind of thing I DON’T normally like, and yet somehow on THIS shoe, they really appeal to me.

These are from ASOS, and are just £25. They have a textile uppper (as you’ll no doubt have guessed from the price) and a 3″ heel, and are the sort of thing I can imagine wearing with everything from jeans to dresses. Mostly stripe ones, actually. Or polka dots. Obviously.

One thing to bear in mind here is that these are from ASOS’s wide fit collection, so the sizing may not work for everyone. If you’re perpetually on the hunt for cute, wide-fit shoes, however, these could just be your kinda kryptonite.

I said I’d probably want to wear these with either spots or stripes. Well, here’s the proof:

red shoes

♥  Topshop skirt  ♥  River Island top  ♥  Kurt Geiger bag   ♥ cat embellished sunglasses  ♥  NARS lipstick

I WAS going to save this skirt for this week’s Wish List, but I’m not totally convinced I won’t have cracked and bought it by then, and that would make it less of a “wish list” and more of a “things I bought” list. I mean, I’ve somehow managed to acquire two out of the three items I included on last week’s list, so that’s a very real possibility for me…

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