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Knock the socks off of cold and achy-footed family members this Christmas with a pair of Austrian-born Giesswein slippers. Since receiving mine courtesy of Giesswein (pronounced geese-vine), nary a day goes by that I’m without my boiled wool wonders.

Last winter, I grew weary of warm but completely unsupportive muk-luks and slipper socks. Often I’d wear my Birkenstock sandals with socks completely oblivious to what I was missing (fashion sense, for starters).  Then my Giesswein Ammerns arrived just in time for Chicago’s hibernation season. A boiled wool slipper with arch support, removable anatomical footbed to accommodate an orthotic and a slip-proof latex sole? How come I didn’t know about these before? This is no regular slipper, friends, this is a house SHOE. I love mine so much that I freak out when I can’t find them, “HEY! Who took my GEESE-VINES?” And then I find them under my Snuggie.

The boiled wool keeps my feet comfortably warm without overheating, plus it’s breathable, water resistant, eco-friendly and washable! The only problem I’ve found is that the latex sole is wearing at the heel a little. This is probably due to the fact that I wear my Giessweins to fetch the paper and drive my son to school. I would recommend wearing these in the house only.

A few of my favorite Giesswein styles:

Giesswein slippers
Giesswein Vent Lodge
Giesswein slippers
Giesswein Spital

Giesswein slippers

Giesswein Garolding

Giesswein slippers are available through Zappos, Endless, and Amazon. Visit the Giesswein store locator to find a brick and mortar near you.

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