ASICS GT-1000 5 Review

The Asics GT 1000-5 is a treat for the beginner to experienced runner. I have not run in GT 1000s before, I have a pair of GT 2000, which are slightly lighter, but not noticeably for the average runner like myself.

The GT 1000s are flexible and breathable. They are fun to run in, and looking at past reviews (done by other runners), the shoe has not changed drastically.

ASICS GT-1000 5 General Info

For the 5th year in a row, the Asics GT 1000 – 5 is a great go to. It looks like they have updated even more of their technology to make the shoe lighter, all the while keeping the price is reasonable.

My test pair was the indigo blue, white, and safety yellow (seen in the photos). At first I thought they were kind of dark (I gravitate to the brighter colors), but there is a lighter/electric blue underneath the indigo that really shoes through.

Asics GT 1000-5 - Toe

Asics GT 1000-5 – Toe

And the blue is actually really great at looking good even after a semi damp or dusty run. I really love the color now.

ASICS GT-1000 5 Sole Unit

The sole is where most of the safety yellow color can be found! The heel provides a ton of stability and cushioning, using the DuoMax technology. DuoMax Technology is positioned to provide better support and stability.

The mid-sole is pretty solid, and the SpEVA in the toe allows the flexibility/bounce-back in the forefoot movement. I have really enjoyed running in these shoes. They are lightweight, and still provide a really stable ride.

The midline and criss-cross tread help with providing good traction in the dewy morning grass, and on the few gravel parts of my jog.

But for the most part I’ve stuck to the sidewalks. I have loose ankles, but the Asics – GT – 1000 has kept me in balance.

ASICS GT-1000 5 Upper Info

The upper of the Asics GT 1000 5 appears to be very similar to last season’s shoe. Primarily, the upper materials are soft and the open hole mesh fabric is flexible and breathable.

The Asics “Tiger Stripe” logo is still present medially and laterally and serves as a major structural feature in addition to a decoration.

It connects the midsole and eyelet row and also reaches back to the heel overlay. The eyelets and heel have built in reflective materials.

The tongue is perhaps thinner than last years, and the laces are the oft-utilized semi-flat style. A standard foam sock liner is used, and can easily be removed for cleaning, or to add orthotics if needed.

ASICS GT-1000 5 Conclusions

The Asics GT-1000 5 is a fantastic find. This running shoe is lightweight and offers great support. I have run in GT 2000s, and while they are a little bit lighter (0.4 ounces) they are quite comparable in all other ways.

Asics GT 1000-5 - Heel

Asics GT 1000-5 – Heel

I have also run in Brooks Adrenaline which I enjoyed. These 2-3 shoes are my go-tos, and here is why… Asics tend to be narrower in the toe box, which is what I need. I never get blisters, but I do have narrower feet.

They fit tighter around my arches – where I need the extra support. I have a pretty neutral jogging style, but very loose ankles (from swimming).

So I like to know that my arches are getting a little extra help. I also love that they hug my heel. Many people say that the heel is loose.

It may be a little bit, but I feel like it cups the back of my foot and helps with the cushioning on my heel strike.

Asics are doing something right. While this is the first shoe review I’ve done, this is definitely not the 1st or last Asics shoe I will own.


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