Alexandre Birman Lolita bow-embellished suede sandals

Alexandre Birman Lolita bow-embellished suede sandals

Alexandre Birman Lolita bow-embellished suede sandals

Alexandre Birman is one of those shoe designers I don’t feature all that often here on ShoeperWoman, but when I do, it’s always worth the wait. Actually, Birman was responsible for creating one of my favourite shoes of all time: these amazing red peep toes from 2012, which I still have to go back and look at from time to time, just to remind myself how awesome they were. (And to really wish I’d been able to afford a pair, obviously.)

Actually, those peep toes are a really good example of why I love this brand, and it’s the same reason I love Christian Louboutin: although, on paper, the designs would sound deceptively simple, when you actually see them, there’s just something about them that sets them apart, and makes them extra special. Of course, you don’t have to look too far, or think too hard, to work out what sets these shoes apart. In fact, there are two things that jump out at you right away: the colours, and the bows.

Now, as those who know me will be well aware, I’ve never been a big fan of outfits which mix lots of bright colours – in fact, more than ONE bright colour, and I’m out. It’s the kind of thing that can look amazing on other people, but which, on me, always feels a bit childish any time I attempt it. Shoes, however, are a different matter altogether: you can get away with things on a shoe that you might not want to attempt in the rest of your look, so I think that, if you do want to have a go at mixing – or even clashing – colours, shoes like these are a good place to start. Although the colours all contrast with each other, they still work well together, and because the strappy design means the colours only cover a small amount of surface area, I think these should be relatively easy to style, too  – they’ll work with any neutral, and, of course, any of the colours found on the upper.


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