The Guide To Buy Running Shoes

First time running shoes buyer ? Before diving into our reviews, take a moment to read this running shoes buying guide. 1. You need a shoe that was developed for running. Yes, in theory you can run barefoot and you can run in stilettos. You might have some basketball, tennis or leisure shoes already at […]

Does a Shoe’s Heel-to-Toe Drop Matter?

According to minimalists, one benefit of a low or nonexistent heel-to-toe drop is reduced risk of injury. Shoes with a large drop encourage severe heel striking, it’s said, which might contribute to knee injuries. Advocates of a small heel-to-top drop also say that allowing feet to run more as they would when unshod more evenly […]

The Gorgeous Georgette T-Strap Heel

Hotter Georgette Heels courtesy of Hotter Review by Janelle W.  Pinching, poking, pointy, restricting, biting, piercing, throbbing, blisters, pain – the agony of cute dress shoes.  We all have that pair–we love them but we hate them.  So cute yet sooo painful.  I have them, wore them with my favorite dress… then my feet rebelled. […]

Joie ‘Alvita’ suede sandals

Joie ‘Alvita’ suede sandals, $270 These shoes make me think of 2011: specifically that part of 2011 when I decided to experiment with colour-blocking (I’m not normally one to be influenced by trends, but colour-blocking was everywhere that year, and I got curious about it…), and discovered that cobalt blue and this particular shade of […]

Shoes Vanessa Hudgens Should Have Worn

Vanessa Hudgens attended Variety’s Power of Youth event presented by the Cartoon Network wearing Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo nude patent leather pumps. She also wore a beautiful peach-colored Moschino layered dress and was honored for her work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was a young, celebratory event and I would have loved to see here wear a more interesting shoe.  Between Ashley Tisdale, Britney […]