How Christian Louboutin heels conquered fashion

God forgive me, I interviewed Christian Louboutin while wearing a pair of trainers. Not fancy sci-fi ones either, but properly old and grimy ones. According to independent ratings company Luxury Institute,Louboutin is one of the most famous shoe designers in the world and officially the most prestigious,  which has named Christian Louboutin as the most […]

A Hilarious Christian Louboutin Accident Halted Condé Nast Operations

File this one away under the best/most hilarious news you’ll hear all day: A Condé Nast employee’s Christian Louboutin heel got stuck in the escalators at the Vogue parent company’s headquarters today, causing a halt in the machinery’s operations. The Internet swiftly spazzed, because only at Vogue would a Christian Louboutin heel ever cause such strife. Condé Nast director of talent acquisition […]

The Power Of The Statement Skirt

On Jessica: Houghton top Osman skirt Christian Louboutin tote KOTUR Gilda Shoes ($650) Similar Styles: Forever 21 Striped Crop Top ($7) Topshop Textured A-Line Skirt ($90) Christian Louboutin Farida Bowler Tote ($1895) 1 / 5 PHOTO: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic 2 / 5 KOTUR Gilda Shoes ($650) 3 / 5 Forever 21 Striped Crop Top ($7) 4 […]