Asics Gel Noosa 10 Review

Asics Gel Noosa 10 General Info:

This is the 10th incarnation of the Noosa series. It is a shoe designed for the triathlete, helping for smooth transitions between events and the ability to adapt. It is at the top of the line of asics’ tri collection, giving the most support and features.

ASICS has taken the 90s and have put it into this shoe. When I opened up the box to the shoes these immediately stuck out to me. I have always seen the brightly colored shoe here and there but never in person. My eyes definitely popped a little out of my head

They are as loud as they are fast. The shoe is like a wall of graffiti, with the words “bike”, “swim”, “run” and “noosa” tagged along the upper unit. It also glows in the dark, adding to the crazy color palette that is on here.

Asics Gel Noosa 10 Sole:

The sole has everything that you see in an ASICS shoe. There is gel on one side of the shoe to assist with over pronation. The guidance line, a perforated line along the ball of the foot assists with keeping me in control.

I love the midsole because it looks like it could hold you down but it does the complete opposite. It’s a hard piece of plastic with a diagonal line over the arch. it is light and can take a beating.

Running in the shoe gave me a smooth, yet fast ride. When I first tried the shoe on, it felt very stiff, more so than shoes that I have run with before.

My doubts immediately went away when I ran in them. It was able to take me on my farther slower paced runs and I could fly on my faster paced ones.

I did have some issues with the material on the heel. The rubber on the sole is supposed to enhance durability and give great traction. While this was great, especially during runs in bad weather, it gave me issues due to how I run.

Since I overpronate, My feet go a little slightly inward sometimes. Sometimes, the heel of my feet will brush against the inward portion of my ankle.

The rubber on the heel turned my normal brushing into grinding. There were a couple of runs that left my ankle cut open and bleeding from this. This may just be how the shoe reacted to my own running style though.

Asics Gel Noosa 10 Upper Info:

The shoe has a very lightweight sockliner with an outer layer of mesh. The heel is hard, locking the foot in and giving great support. It offers seamless construction, allowing the runner to use it sockless.

I have never ran in a shoe without socks before, and I loved it. The shoe breathes great and it doesn’t smell to high heaven afterward either.

This is one of the multi-sport features that works great at first, but cause a little bit of problems once the shoe was broken in. The tongue creases slightly in once the shoe is broken in.

When I ran sockless toward the end of my testing, this caused irritation on the top of my foot. Not an issue for myself, but if you are doing an event where you are barefoot because you want to save time during transition, an irritated foot is the last thing you want.

The tongue and the heel have grips on them that allows you to get the shoe on fast. A small touch, but I really liked this feature and wished more than just multi-sport shoes had this.

Asics Gel Noosa 10 Conclusions:

If you are a triathlete, then this shoe is for you. It is lightweight and gives support where you need it. It allows for fast transitions and is full of perks for the multisport athlete.

Above all, the shoe is the loudest, most outrageously colored piece of footwear you will ever own.

This shoe isn’t a must if you are just a runner though. You don’t need to spend the money for features that you won’t really utilize. I did like trying them out, but they were not something necessary for me, yet.

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