A Closer Look at the Nike Floodlights Glow Pack

Good to glow. As the Nike FootballX Floodlights Glow Pack hits the shelves we’ve taken a closer look at the latest futsal offering from the Swoosh. Four silos in block bold and vibrant colourways to show in the day and to glow in the night.

Soaked in individual and distinct colours, the MercurialX, MagistaX, HypervenomX and TiempoX take a step away from the usual designs of the Nike FootballX collection to create a series that’s equipped to add a dynamic twist to on-court visuals. Yeah, that’s right, they all glow in the dark. Backing up the on-pitch Floodlights Pack, currently worn by all Nike professionals, the Glow FootballX editions are more proof how much work Nike are putting into the small-sided game.

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Yeah, there’s a disco on your feet, the pitch is the dancefloor and there’s four drinks on the menu, all fruity cocktails of FootballX flavours. Glow in the dark, just because. Consider it a flex of Nike’s tech guns, consider it a fad, some fun, pointless. Whatever you think of them, it’s hard to deny anything that glows in the dark isn’t damn right cool. The full Nike FootballX Floodlights Glow Pack is available in both Turf and Indoor options, by the way.

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Brands have toyed with this technology on cleated versions of boots but we never see the results under the bright stadium floodlights. Under the fading lights of dimly lit streets the Nike Floodlights Glow pack actually works, much in the same way Nike has incorporated the glow-in-the-dark tech on lifestyle footwear such as the Air Max. All four Nike FootballX silos are transformed and represented in the pack, each of them flooded in distinctive, vivid hues. All finished in different colours for a unique identity, with the glow elements on the Swooshes and soles for a bouncing display of lit-up silhouettes.

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