The $25 H&M Shoes I Just Immediately Bought


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I’ve never had anything against H&M shoes. In fact, I often come across pairs that I love but ultimately forget to buy (as a fashion editor, I look at a lot of shoes). But I’m happy to say that all changed today.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with satin lately (it’s the new velvet—have you heard?). I’ve been drawn to it like a moth to a flame, but I’ve been so overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous options that narrowing it down has proven to be impossible. But getting back to H&M, I found myself scrolling through the new arrivals on the brand’s site, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw a pair of dusty purple (so unusual yet so good) slingback satin flats. Not only did they have satin going for them, but they also featured a modern, feminine bow at the toe and a flattering, on-trend V-neck shape. And to seal the deal, they were $25. Any expensive-looking fashion item that I can get for less than a dinner out is a major win in my book, especially when it’s as special as these ladylike flats.

My first pair of H&M shoes, which also come in black, will soon arrive at my doorstep, and I’ll proudly wear what’s sure to be my most affordable spring shoe purchase on repeat.

Shop them for yourself below! (Oh, and shipping is free at H&M this weekend. You’re welcome.)

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