Gift Guide: The 5 Best Nike Sneakers to Buy This Holiday Season

Air Jordan 1 High OG
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG
Both variations of the boot handled quite well on pavement regardless if it had been dry or wet. On the trail, both functioned nicely, but the new SFB supplied better grip than the Classic. This was primarily because of the more competitive and heavier tread patterns. The drawback of this deeper tread cuts is they accumulated far more organic material which became very evident in wetter, muddier conditions. Even still, the newer version has the advantage hiking uphill or down. Additionally, I felt the newer version had a stronger grip on the heel, meaning the foot didn’t lift while walking.The new SFBs were quieter compared to the classics. The material that makes up the ankles on both boots will crinkle and pinch, especially when running. The noise of the Classic SFB was noticeable.

Nike fans have dozens of sneaker styles to choose from this holiday season, but FN has narrowed down the search to simplify your shopping experience.

Top picks include classic retro looks such as the Air Jordan 1 and Air Max 97, along with newer models like the Air VaporMax and Zoom Fly.

Give them what they want this season by shopping the kicks below.

1. Air Jordan 1 High OG “Wheat”


Nike’s “Wheat” styles — nicknamed “Golden Harvest” for 2017 — have become a staple of the brand’s lifestyle collections, and this year, the OG Air Jordan 1 gets the treatment for the first time.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Wheat.”

2. Air Max 97 “Atlantic Blue”


To celebrate the Air Max 97’s 20th anniversary, Nike reissued this original “Atlantic Blue” colorway, which was part of the model’s debut run in 1997.

By 1:30am on the last night of the Midnight 3-Gun Invitational, I ached in areas I didn’t know I had, but my toes was not one of these. In reality, I didn’t have a single blister and the only sign of “new shoes” wass a small raw place on the back of my head which is likely because of me never lacing them tightly enough.Nike lives up to their promises; the articulated outsole, reminiscent of the standard waffle design, allowed my toes freedom of motion over the irregular terrain. Along with the combination leather/Kevlar foot mattress mimics Birkenstocks’ cork foot bed, conforming to my feet and allowing me to walk the way character intended.Not just do the boots look almost nothing, they’re also fully sterile — all the while maintaining sand outside. Had moisture been an issue, I am sure these boots will dry quickly with possibly only a change of socks. They are not only great for the competitive shooter, but would also be excellent for any first responder or outdoorsman.Finally, I tracked down the Nike Sock Boots 3.5 employees that kindly allowed me a little R&D time, ready to reluctantly turn my SFB’s. But by the time I got there, the booth had been packed up and they were saying their goodbyes. “Did you like them?” Asked one of the Product Innovation Specialists. When I told him I did, he said, “Then keep them and wear them.” He did not have to tell me two! As it was, I am among the few who had ever actually tried to return a pair. So with a clear conscious and a new pair of boots, I packed my gear and headed home anticipating tossing these bad boys in the wash!

Nike Air Max 97 Nike Air Max 97 “Atlantic Blue.”

3. Air VaporMax

Coyote Brown will be available soon. The SFB retails for $160.00. It must be noted these boots are produced in Vietnam.The Classic and New SFB for this test arrived in the Desert Tan color and a size 10.5. I found these boots conducted a half size small, which I’m told isn’t unusual for Nike 6 Ring Boots shoes. This provided a much more comfortable fit than I desired. I found I wasn’t a fan of the insoles on each rendition of this boot as they’re basically the same thing. Together with the comfortable match, this added discomfort; however, once the insoles were eliminated, it freed my feet up a little.Another issue I had with the insoles is the additional padding onto the balls of their toes made it feel like it wasn’t placed correctly. I would have preferred more cushioning and support under my arch and a bit less in the balls of the foot. If you can’t try the boots on and are ordering those boots on the internet, it can be a great idea to purchase a half size larger. That way there is somewhat more space for thicker socks, or special aftermarket sole inserts if wanted. In addition, US Patriot offers a 365-day satisfaction guarantee, so if they don’t match, you could always send them back.Both the classic and the newest version felt pretty similar in terms of ankle support, which can be small at best. The new back loop around the ankle is a great feature and the lacing system is far better on the new SFB. Not only do the leather pliers help distribute the pressure better, they also lock the laces in place when cinched down, giving a better, more secure fit.


Whether you’re interested in trying Nike’s groundbreaking Air VaporMax sneaker for the first time or want to add new styles to your collection, the holiday season is the perfect time to make the purchase.

Nike Air VaporMax Nike Air VaporMax

4. Zoom Fly SP


If you want something a bit under the radar but still coveted by those in the know, consider the Zoom Fly SP, which was featured as part of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White x Nike “The Ten” collection.

Nike Zoom Fly SP Nike Zoom Fly SP “Shanghai.”

5. Terra Sertig


For those who need a sneaker that can double as a boot in winter conditions, Nike’s Terra Sertig is ready for action on the streets, trails and everywhere in between.

Nike Terra Sertig Nike Terra Sertig

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