Getting the look right – ‘elevator wear’

1 thing that helps to take off wearing elevators with discretion is to get the rest of what you wear with them just right. I’ve mentioned before how strange it is that some guys in the public eye and with lots of cash can easily get it wrong — sporting boots that were great below a suit and making all of the mistakes it’s likely to create. What is so strange about all this is that it is easy to get it correct — those are mistakes that are easy to avoid and the principles are simply very straightforward. This piece is all how easy it is to get it right and about 1 person that made it wrong. I stress I’m not a negative person and I’ve had nothing but outstanding experiences. This is to help avoid errors. So I wish to show you a shot of how spectacularly wrong it can seem. Robert Downey Jr is on a red carpet in a gray suit, and these really horrendous appearing black boots with the tapered leg of this trouser hem are causing the whole lot to ride up high on the elevator showing for all the world how it is to not be done. Making it Better I need in this bit to use this 1 shot to tell you how actually it COULD be performed with a very similar look. Firstly in a formal suit, irrespective of the level to which you might want to wear something like a pair of sneakers/trainers (if the appearance is in style, and it’s very sometimes ), doing it like that you need to bear in mind that wearing this kind of boot totally absolutely and completely fixes the eye on your footwear and foremost — and the more extreme you go the longer the eye is drawn. I have observed of him wearing great thick soled shoes with lifts below 18, shots and whatever he might believe, this is not a look for the average guy.
And when folks are looking at your footwear since their attention is attracted, you need to get it totally right or this type of style disaster is really one of the few I know that could make others say”they look like built up boots”. So take this look. Ignoring the boots, the lawsuit by itself is fine if that’s your thing (I almost never wear suits but they can appear cool I know and are important in many professions ). But you can’t have all of these three items at once in a match if you’re adding A LOT of elevation: a slender leg, a gray suit with thumping great large chunky contrasting black boots such as this that are completely sat there such as bricks in the base of your legs. Art of compromise Just how could this look have been improved. Well, it’s about compromise. Even though I myself do not like them Within this shot of RDJ, shifting it slightly, he might have got away with wearing these boots. He would have had to put on a leg which is less narrow in the bottom — because it is, simply look: because they CAN NOT spread across the upper and down into the heel of the 43, they ride up. Two inches of hem all straining to get the boot over. “Can not do it RDJ, sorry!” This is really fundamental science in a manner. They must assemble because unsightly way ABOVE the majority of the boot since the slim cut of this material can’t get over the size of their boots and general thickness — and so you’ve got the very strange sight of actually being mindful of that increase of this upper where the laces are that comes from multiplying thus much lift in. Just looking at this shot makes me need to go around (it had been really taken a few hundred yards from where I conduct a club in London), elongate the hem left right until it has two more inches broad, maybe divide the hem, then satisfyingly pull it right down over the boot. Phew — task done. More sensibly he must just have had the pants made to drape down — or $20 in the tailor not too much money for him? Put over the boot into the picture just above the heel and only, imagine it to be that gray pant leg fitting properly draped on the boot. You will see that the boots are barely visible, and the sole and heels not noticeable. And that would be way better than what you see in the shot.