How high would you go-It works for you

A few weeks ago I asked’CAN you proceed?’ That was a set of suggestions of how imho you should go reliant on different factors. But this is a different one. That seemed cool high WOULD you proceed if you understood it was no more detectable than wearing boots that are already the elevators if the choices were available. Specially if you’re already up there with the 4″ or 5″ styles, and it was working for you.

Ask any guy and for sure he’d wish to be as tall as he possibly can be. Actually when men write to me for advice, they frequently ask”do you ever think that 6″ (15cm) lifts will be created?” Are based on the requirement to avoid detection. And from a technology point of view there is obviously a limitation on how large in the long run we can actually go. However, for me personally, I would really like to find good quality boots with a 6″ elevator.


As soon as you’ve followed the basic rules and realised that detection is minimised to nearly zero, then you DO start to think — I wonder if we could get out of the 5″ max I wear all of the time to 6″?! How much further will those that make elevators be in a position with no looking clear to take us? Since there is you’re kinda hooked. And you then presume –“hmmm, I could add another inch…even more!” . At first you try it by including a lift. Then you know you can get out with a set that is high. This of course creates a sort of question that is philosophical. How high in fact could you proceed (or want to) given all of the things I have said in the previous related to lifestyle and present height. Nearly all of that can be answered for you — you will never have the ability to add 9 inches of height unless you decide to wear those massive Goth boots!

At its greatest end already, you will find plenty of 5″ elevators from the variety, over 25 different styles in varying colours and finishes. The primary difference between them and the 4″ fashions being a slightly thicker sole but no more so than classic stuff like Doc martens, Timberlands or Redwings, specially the logger boot types etc) and a host of other boot fashions. They are boot styles naturally. There continue to be no real sneakers/trainers or dress boots with 5″ elevator.

Until now, 5″ has been the limit in terms of that careful balance between aesthetics and everything could be achieved in a boot by the maker to add our desirable height. That is certainly how I have seen it, as a non a wearer and professional. Yes of course it will have to become a boot, yes it will need the solid sole of this 5″. But provided it is not any longer than this, to me it has always seemed, well, possible. And very desirable.

And I think if look simple as a boot and it WERE to be accessible, then it could be very common. The key here would be the only — as long as it was the identical depth into the 5″ and no longer, then that for me personally is the secret to both walkability AND detection. I believe that many many guys find it no limitation on their own lifestyles and would go for it, specially those who have already graduated right up to the peak of the height range.

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