Adding height the right way – a case history

It is difficult getting height addition right on your own without a great deal of trial and error. Adding inches and keeping it discreet, in relaxation, gradually enough (but not too gradual!) . I am still learning and have been doing it 17 years. There are not many actual examples which are out there, in full view, and the time of elevators is when you see stars wearing clumpy great boots with suits to look taller. I am going to inform you about a mate of mine who’s one of the people I watch and personally KNOW who adds height like I do. I have given plenty of information to anonymously and men online — largely because I can not resist offering and commenting my views and read rubbish about the topic, doing it successfully for so many years — but rarely do I meet with anyone. I like to keep my secret safe and as the old expression goes –‘once 1 person knows, everyone knows’. Unless I guess (hopefully) it is a secret you share common over a long duration.


Greg and I got to understand each other when he worked in a business and he used to go on all the time about how tall I was. About wanting to seem taller, he was frank with me and our friendship was such that I shared with a couple of ideas and in the end after quite a while told him that I too additional elevation. He is a fantastic bit shorter than me, at 5’9″, and his route to incorporating height has also become briefer! — he began seven decades ago. However, his narrative is so useful and such a good example of how to do it right that I thought I would share it. When we met, I had been wearing all the time to lifts and had not yet obtained on to lifts. He was wearing lifts although I didn’t recognize it. It came about quite naturally that he commented on wanting to seem taller, he purchased and wore boots which added a bit of height, such as Doc and Timberlands Martens. And he mentioned that he was in the habit of stacking insoles etc.”For relaxation”! Having got the garbage from how I spoke with him and he was totally astonished that I wore lifts — and a lot larger of course than what he had been wearing, by that point. He spent a few years adding height boots, wore boots somewhat larger than his size to get in and bought himself some lift boots. She hasn’t. I guess she’s only got used to me personally at slightly different heights but for me those 2″ extra are amazing”. By now he had realized he can in fact take it farther and had got used to incorporating a bit of height — but in relaxation that this really proves impossible to do with lifts. So purchased my first set of GuidoMaggi’s a couple of years ago, he then purchased the same as myself but an inch or so lower — that the Ischias and observed on. Properly made, beautifully made but functional and plain and mainstream and quality. As they went with everything he wore he has used to them and so started using the higher lift provided by themgiving him an additional half inch or so

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