Why wear elevators or add height?

When he told me he wanted to try it, he was worried that individuals would observe the down and up into his height. And that him stopped from doing anything except incorporating lifts he found uncomfortable and not gave the height to him he desired. However, I have heard over many many years that people don’t observe this type of change, and are not that observant — just one reason is that we ALL go up and down depending upon the footwear we’ve on — eg Timberlands are the best lifts until you buy elevators — but no-one ever says”you’ve added and inch and a half in height sporting these Timberlands”. So with some trepidation, he went forward and was astonished that not even his girlfriend noticed the difference.


The key to this is that sometimes you need reassuring specially on detection difficulties. And you are right to be cautious and attentive. In adding height, to make the most out of incorporating your lifts and height shoe, decide early on which exactly are your REAL objectives, right now. Is it to add a couple of inches (even if you want more ideally!) To appear taller than your girlfriend in her heels. Or that guy in the office or club pisses you and you want to equal/tower him? A brother/cousin/mate? And then think through it. If, cards on the table, you are aiming for a large change in that perfect world, then with no period of wearing lifts at first over a period, or best of much lower elevators dress shoes, I would not go the entire 4″/5″ right away even if you are tall! I’d go to get a half way home around 2.5″/3″ based upon your height now (see my earlier post about what to do at what height! ) ) . This may all need adding a bit of height first, then coming back for more later (even much later). As I have pointed out two or three inches is imperceptible as additional height but gives a boost to you.

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