The joys of my 6 inch elevators

I’ve always aimed to get as tall as possible, but always within the parameters of what looks sensible as mainstream as possible. Like a great deal of guys, I completely 100 percent do NOT want my footwear to be the centre of focus as I pile on the inches. That’s, for me personally, vital. Convincing […]

A new adidas shoe uses one material ?

Running is a sport that is wasteful. Every year countless shoes have been fabricated, worn till they begin to fall apart and pitched into landfill. It is estimated that 300 million pairs of jogging shoes have been thrown away every year in the united kingdom alone. The initial experimental shoe of this type is Futurecraft.Loop.At […]

How to wear white trousers with casual shoes?

How to resist a set of white trousers? They are a must need to show off on several occasions. Casual but elegant at the same time, they’re the crucial garment for champions of design such as Prince William or the magical Brad Pitt. They’re that chic touch that characterizes a really fresh and elegant outfit, […]

The Best Basketball Shoes To Buy In 2020 for sale

Basketball shoes were the very first announcement sneaks, and a few of the most iconic sneaker designs ever hailed by the hardwood — we’re talking Converse All Stars, Nike Air Force Ones, Air Jordan 1s. Naturally they pair well with streetwear-inspired looks, loud colourways working with bold logo tees and wide-leg chinos or jeans; whereas […]

2020 Elevator Shoes collection will be pure energy

Pure energy. That is how Emanuele Briganti, diverse designer clarifies the new Spring/Summer collection 2020. And this time also, the brand has hit the mark with a collection which will dazzle with a very splendor given by craftsmanship and the finest of modern design. A dynamic group, inspired creativity and by freedom, liberty to move […]

“Vegan Leather” is a wilderness and does not exist

Sustainability is not a question of fashion nor tendencies. From the leather goods industry, it’s part of the tradition, at least to the serious businesses. Everything else is propaganda. That is how in an interview with Madame Figaro, Jean Cassegrain, general director and grandson of this Longchamp’s creator, lashed out from the ‘greenwashing’, the communication […]

The Dominance of Elevator Sneakers Will Remain a Trend of the New Decade!

An decade is closing in the field of fashion. There have been less fortunate trends, stylistic meteors of a few months and many others that will dictate the agenda of the fashion at the’20s and which have been in a position to inflict themselves. The references concerning style are constantly changing, but there is one […]