A new adidas shoe uses one material ?

Running is a sport that is wasteful. Every year countless shoes have been fabricated, worn till they begin to fall apart and pitched into landfill. It is estimated that 300 million pairs of jogging shoes have been thrown away every year in the united kingdom alone. The initial experimental shoe of this type is Futurecraft.Loop.At […]

Adidas Pureboost DPR Review

The Adidas Pureboost DPR is a new version of the Pureboost line that is marketed as a shoe made specifically for city street running. It features a wider platform to allow for better traction and the ability to change direction comfortable and quickly, a knit upper, a lower stack height then other similar Adidas shoes […]

Adidas PureBOOST X: The Newest Running Shoe Made by Women, for Women

In early February 2016, adidas —in collaboration with female influencers and athletes — launched a women-only running shoe. Introducing the PureBOOST X, made for the “new-age athlete.” But who is that exactly, and what makes this shoe different for this target? Over the last five to 10 years, the fitness conglomerate has noticed a new […]